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Are you looking to reduce your minibus driver training overheads while improving safety?

In these days of austerity and severe cuts in funding, Leonardo’s is working with our existing and new client companies to reduce their transport cost through fuel efficiencies, potential insurance premium reductions while improve environmental issues.

Leonardo’s has been working with Gloucestershire college, Katharine Lady Berkeley’s School, a number of Steiner schools and Gloucestershire university for almost four years now delivering minibus driver assessments and training.
The colleges, schools and university risk assessed their minibus driver needs and decided they needed
professional driver training. Midas trainers are not necessarily DSA licensed driver trainers; they only need to have completed a Midas training course. Leonardo’s trainers are all ADI’s with DSA fleet license and Department for Transport SAFED trainer certificates. All trainers also have full D1 or D category licences. (this will show up as no 101 restrictions on the back of the driving license) and current CPC cards

We offer a full range of training tailored to fit your school needs and budget. S.M.T.C 'Safe Minibus Transport Certification' This course consists of a 2.5-hour classroom theory training + 1.5 hours in vehicle training. The classroom sessions are open so any of your staff can attend, all they need is their driving licence and a purchase order number from your accounts department. Classroom session costs £25 per person, in-vehicle costs £45 per person. S.M.T.C is the ideal training package to ensure you meet your H&S requirements, Corporate manslaughter obligations plus OFSTED safe transport needs while reducing your transport costs. If you feel the full SMTC programme costs too much you could do a straight forward, 1.25hour in vehicle driving assessment costing as little as £45.00.

Drive reports, permit and an assessment certificate included in the price.

Leonardo's can provide full D1 training courses, please contact Richard on 07904431297 to discuss your needs and get a very competitive quote. 

If you would like to discuss how
Leonardo’s could help your school pupils and staff stay safe while reducing CO2 polution, please contact me and arrange a no obligation meeting.

Email: richard@leonardos.org.ukRichard@leonardos.org.uk