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Leonardo's is a company striving to reduce the number of road incidents involving occupational drivers.

An occupational driver is anyone driving at work; a director on their way to a client meeting, an area manager travelling between sites, staff members on their way to a training session a sales rep, delivery drivers, school minibus driver, care home car driver.

Can you prove your drivers have a licence? Photocopy the plastic part and check the paper entitlements by going on line (with the staff member or get a access code from them) at www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence

Leonardo’s will work with you and develop a programme tailored to your company needs and the vehicles you drive. School, college, university and care home minibus. We can include wheelchairs into the training. Care home car drivers have a licence but are they safe considerate drivers? A driving assessment will determine this and give you piece of mind and evidence they have been assessed and trained.

Gloucestershire NHS used Leonardo’s to develop and train the Guide & PALS drivers to set up and pack away the mobile office as well as safely drive this large vehicle.

Fuel is a substantial part of any fleet running costs. Not only will a course in ECO friendly driving, reduce your fuel bill, it will help your company's environmental policy reach its targets on reduced pollutants. 

Professional, high quality driver training should reduce your insurance premiums. Ask your insurance company how valuable training can be for your company costs.

We aim is to keep everyone safe and make substantial savings on transport costs.